Workshop on “Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy” (ASPM) 2018 will be held at BEXCO Haeundae Busan, Korea on Aug 16-18, 2018. Due to the great success of ASPM 2017 (, it is apparent that ASPM has become a successful platform in Korea for sharing and exchanging the latest advances in science and technology using SPM. ASPM 2018 hopes to bring together scientists from a wide range of research fields at a single atomic and molecular scale. The workshop will address both fundamental science and cutting-edge technologies.

ASPM 2018 aims for an innovative scientific workshop based on the lectures from local and international world class scientists. Additionally, ASPM 2018 also promotes a variety of contributed talks and poster presentations by the next generation of scientists in the field, such as students and young postdocs, to share their most progressive researches and fresh ideas.

We are confident that your presence will add an important dimension to ASPM 2018. Please find more details on the scopes, organizations, and plans of ASPM 2018 enclosed below.


Schedule: 13:00 Aug 16th(Thu) – 13:00 Aug 18th(Sat), 2018
Conference Venue: BEXCO, Busan, Korea
Language: English


Atomic-scale interaction and manipulation on surfaces
SPM studies of quantum materials
Time-resolved spectroscopy using SPM
Spin-sensitive SPM
SPM combined with optics

Invited Speakers

Joseph Stroscio, NIST, USA
Title: Gourmet Physics – Berries and Cakes in Graphene Quantum Dots

Young Kuk, QNS, Korea
Title: Instrumental Development in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Chih-Kang Shih, University of Texas, USA
Title: Atomic and electronic structures of 2D electronic materials and their heterostructures

Jeongyoung Park, IBS-CNCR & KAIST, Korea
Title: Ambient Pressure Scanning Tunneling Microscopy; Revealing Chemical Complexities under Heterogeneous Catalysis

Tadahiro Komeda, Tohoku University, Japan
Title: Single Molecule Magnet Characterization using Spin Polarized Tunneling Spectroscopy and Kondo Resonance

Tien-Ming Chuang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Title: Termination-dependent Superconducting Topological Surface States in Non-centrosymmetric PbTaSe2

Tyler Cocker, Michigan State University, USA
Title: Sub-cycle terahertz microscopy down to the atomic scale

Xi Chen, Tsinghua Universiy, China
Title: STM study of FeSe: from bulk to monolayer

Howon Kim, University of Hamburg, Germany
Title: Majorana bound states vs. Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in artificially constructed magnetic Fe atom-chains on superconducting Re(0001)

Dimitrie Culcer, University of New South Wales, Australia
Title: A charge-insensitive single-atom spin-orbit qubit in Si: fully tunable coherence and control

Jeehoon Kim, Postech, Korea
Title: Quantum Falaco Solitons

Jaekwang Lee, Pusan National University, Korea 
Title: First-principles studies of defects in 2D materials

Donghun Lee, Korea University, Korea
Title: SPM based on diamond defect centers for nano-scale spin physics

Hosung Seo, Ajou University, Korea
Title: First-principles theory of defect-based quantum bits in semiconductors

Youngjae Song, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea 
Title: Atomic and Electronic Structures of Graphitic Carbon Nitride/Graphene Heterostructure

Jungseok Chae, QNS, Korea
Title: Resolving surface phonon modes using scanning tunneling spectroscopy

Aparajita Singha, QNS, Korea
Title: Magnetism of surface-supported rare-earth single atoms and atomic scale clusters

Philip Willke, QNS, Korea
Title: Hyperfine interaction of individual atoms on a surface